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Harshit “Hash” Misra is a 25 year old from New Delhi India is a Fulltime Musician, Bassist, Audio Engineer, Producer– Clinician/Educator, Foodie Nerd, and Inspirational Motivator. Probably young in achieving most of what has to offer but his spirit and passion towards music is endless and ever growing, with a work ethic that is way more professional and a smile that makes everything seem easy, he is one of the youngest in demand bass players out there quietly working hard and spreading the love with simple solid grooves. Having being studied under the greats gives him the edge to combine his knowledge and great musicianship to spread good awareness about everything that circles around with the music.

He says: “I do it from my heart, but attack from my mind, I never had a PLAN B never will for sure”

An aspiration to follow his dreams a believer in hard work and working on the principle to turn dreams into reality. The journey to the road of music career began in India, when he got thru to the admission at School of Audio Engineering in Chennai, INDIA to being an Audio Engineer and in just about 4 months of joining the college he. got an opportunity of being a bassist for (83 MPH) and then there was no stopping he won several Inter College Festivals the biggest was the winning of Channel V Launch Pad ( One of the Biggest Band Competition .


Winner of countless Best bass player awards  at college and professional level Miles to go more as the saying he got an interest to discover the worldwide music fraternity and hence forth Graduated as an Associate of Arts degree (BASS) at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California by winning the Runners up Full Ride Scholarship, 2012.   ESP Outstanding Bass Scholarship, 2013 and Outstanding Student, 2014 which made him to become a faculty member at the Musician Institute.

His Influences range from Yellow jackets to J Dilla to Gospel to Pt. Ravi Shankar. He always loves and enjoy’s any style of music and while working as a session bassist for more than 7 years he has been very fortunate to study and learn from some of the amazing bass players and therefore brings out a different vibe to the table while laying down subtle solid grooves with tasty fills making it just to feel good in any situation.

Some of the Artist that he has been blessed to play forth/record are : ---

Candice Glover (American Idol Winner),

Wayne Brady (RNB Singer/Entertainer),

Shubha Mudgal Ji ( Legendary Indian Classical Singer ) 

Ravaughn (Columbia/compound artist),

Jaden Michaels (Singer Songwriter),

Girl Radical (Supermassive American girl group)

Jackie Boyz (Grammy Award winning singer songwriter) 

Aaron Durr (Singer Song Writer)

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